Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hello to any who check this. I am not doing good at keeping up with this bog now.

Merry Christmas to all. I wrote on the website is Maryweinand. I will post here as able. I am still struggling with arm weaknesses and pain. Pray the doctors and physical therapist help me find ways to improve if possible.

I am in good spirits. Wonderful my son who move To San Francisco is here till Jan to stay with us. Hanging out with us today. Family are not coming till tomorrow.

Merry Christmas. I hope you read my reflections on caring bridge.

We like the warm weather but really do want white christmas.
First year ever i paid a small company to snowplow and shovel for me if over 2 inches. Looks like though you pay each month that the owner will not have any works. He said first time ever in the years he has been doing this. We kidded wonder if he will get lots later of if it will be a light year. Sadly we will need the moisture in spring so do need snow.

My son says it is so warm here he hardly feels like he left San Francisco weather wise. He chuckles they bundle up so for temps that still seem warmer to him. I wonder if he is out there several years what his opinion will be. Sadly my husband is sick, almost no voice, sore throat and cough. We just commented he hasn't been sick very much for years. Well now he is and I better try not to get it. He is being wonderful to me.

Take good care, Mary

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Check out this blog of Keeley and her puppies. Photos and Videos. I had to upgrade my adobe flash to make it work and can't get it on the ipad at all just computer. See if it works for you. Judy Michurski and family are caring for them and Keelie lives with them. She was the first mom of Emma. Took her in and trainned her. I can never thank her enough.

Okay I didn't reach the goal to post every day but will work on that. NO new pictures yet either darn it. I did a first today. Went out with my sister today for lunch. We had a great time and it was close to my home. Ready for a big nap but glad to get out of the house. We also exchanged Christmas presents. She is so kind and generous. We had a great time.

Emma is ready for a nap too. Bummer no snow as she really liked even a few inches to play in. Brown and I think ugly. Much warmer than normal. Sunday they say 42 here. Having no snow is keeping the weather warmer. Usually it would be in the 20's. Skiers, the children who get new skates and sleds for Christmas need snow. I will miss a white Christmas. But it is MN so eventually we should get snow.

Emma is so funny. Now I have a pillow just for her to use on my bed. So cute how she adjusts it just so. I use a snoopy pillow case or other special one so I know which one it is. She enjoys it I think. This picture is from last year but it could be this year too. Got out the musical puppy and she again likes it very much. She is so funny. Don't you love this picture?

We don't have the granddaughters today because Greg works a very long day and into the evening. I am still sleeping or resting a lot. I have found the true definition of doing nothing all day. Have to really rest my legs and hands and use nebulizer for breathing. Bronchitis seems better today so that is so good.

Yesterday I slept 5 hours after a medical appointment. Wow I do sleep. The weird thing is when I sleep I have no concept of time when I wake up. Freaks me out. I don't know if it has been 30 min, 3 hours or more. The other night I fell asleep about 7 hoping to sleep an hour. Greg woke me at midnight he was still up, to remind me to take my evening pills. Or it gets dark so early and dark if I wake early in morning. If I wake and it is dark I can't recall if it is morning or night. I just hope that sometime I don't need this much sleep and resting.

I really miss feeling like I accomplish something in a day. My husband, kids, and the medical staff and physical and ocupational therapists say taking care of myself is my task daily. I do the mild at home exercises they gave me but I really miss that good feeling of accomplishment and getting out of the house. I try to be patient and upbeat but some days am not so good at that as I should be.

Can't imagine all this time at home if I didn't have Emma. She will snuggle with me and then after so long bring me toys, or nudge me if she wants to go outside. Most times I never sleep through her feeding time at night. She will wake me. She has a good tummy alarm. And I think I told you if I am up around 2 pm she knows that is nap time. She will come and I just know she wants me to follow her and it will be to the bedroom.

Emma is a wonderful comfort and helper. Greg agrees it gives him peace of mind also when he has to work. She is just awesome will try to write more details about her tomorrow. Merry Christmas to all of you.

Mary and Emma

Not sure how many even know I am blogging again.

oops can't find the photo I wanted to add. Maybe later --- Mary

Monday, December 12, 2011

Yes you have seen this picture before, but it is one of my favorites.
Now you are more likely to see her sleeping right on our bed with me. She likes our naps.
I think she would like a little more snow. Maybe at the end of the week but I am not sure.
At this time last year we were cleaning up from a 17 inch snow fall that ripped the roof of the MetroDome.
This year we don't even have 3 or 4 inches I don't think.
Of course I am not the one shoveling.
We are paying someone to help us this year - is that a sure way to get less snow? We will see.
Like washing your car and it rains?

Emma had a nice day and evening. She sure likes pushing her nose through the snow.
I think the trees in the back ( a small tree line from the farm that was here) cast shadows
She sometimes runs and or barks when there seems to be nothing there
Mostly she just enjoys the snow, the smells, and the squirrels that are still around at times.
She loves her back yard, I watch from the patio so am so glad it is fenced.
She keeps stopping to look at me to be sure she can see me, today I sat down in a chair that wasn't visible to her
due to where she was in the yard and she came running quick.
I need to be in her view and that is good as then she is in mine.

When I sleep too long in the day she comes and nudges me to play
Never does that at night.
Today I think it was a good thing, she brought me a toy too
She wants me to play and be with her.
Even on days I am worn out, I really need to push to get up and sit to gain strength
And being with her is a big treat.

How I treasure Emma. She is just wonderful to be with.
Tomorrow we get out of the house to go to the doctor. She won't mind that.
This doctor was so afraid of dogs, I would have Emma stay with her nurse.
Now she is not afraid at all of Emma and even told me she learned to like a neighbor dog.
She really thinks Emma is a great dog - though not ready for her children to get a dog yet.
I consider this a big victory on Emma's part.

Love you Emma. Thanks to all who helped bring her into my life.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tis the Season?

Christmas Cookie Baking a Few Years Ago - yes she was commanded to do this
One of our first holidays with her.
Opening gifts.

We're Back!!

Okay folks spread the word, I am going to blog regularily here again. I hope someone will read it. I am obviously a little stronger. Still sleep a lot or rest but can use fingers and arms enough to type daily and feed myself. Must rest them a lot on a pillow but I will never ever take such abilities for granted.

Emma is doing well. It is Sunday. She bugged me at 2. I was up. It wasn't time to eat and she had just been outside. Late in life she has learned to rarely bark for my attention. I couldn't figure out what the deal was. Then saw the time. We almost always nap at 2. Is she now my nap alarm clock. I headed to bed for a nap, she curled up next to me and was so happy to do so. Thatta girl Emma. You always surprised me.

I have arm exercises to do and they are gentle. Most can be done by adapting and playing or petting Emma. Of course she loves that. Greg also good to play with her a bit more than before since I have had a hard time with MS. Very happy about that. She likes the lights of the Christmas tree. So cute to see her staring at it. I am over dosing on Christmas shows, they perk me up, make me smile, laugh, cry in a good way and she watches some of those too. Mostly she cuddles up next to me.

She was a dream at Physical and Occupational therapy last Wed. One of the women I had met at MS things and is one of the staff. All of them loved dogs. I brought her blanket, they made sure she had water and she watched carefully what they were doing. I have OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY AND PHYSICAL THERAPY an hour appart so I can rest. This time they had a place I could even nap. Pillows and all. I fell asleep but Emma was watchful they said of what was going on. Once we got home we both napped. Going outside the house takes a lot of Energy for me.

I have my first wheel chair. It is light and called a transport wheelchair. NOT designed to be in all day, and made to be pushed by someone else. My arms are too weak to move a wheel chair anyway and that is NOT new. A bit sobering but goal to help me when we go out of the house. Goal to be strong enough for the Weinand Family Christmas Brunch next weekend. Will see if i can manage that. One day at a time.

So happy to write about Emma. She is super at helping me like always and does a bit more than before out of my need. She showed me an older dog can recall her younger skills. What an awesome dog she is. I sure hope if you are thinking of chairity dollars you remember Helping Paws. It is - they just had two sets of puppies. Will try to post those sites tomorrow.

Wow I have to go rest my arms awhile. Love this picture of Emma. Need new ones. Thanks for prayers and support.