Saturday, December 17, 2011

Check out this blog of Keeley and her puppies. Photos and Videos. I had to upgrade my adobe flash to make it work and can't get it on the ipad at all just computer. See if it works for you. Judy Michurski and family are caring for them and Keelie lives with them. She was the first mom of Emma. Took her in and trainned her. I can never thank her enough.

Okay I didn't reach the goal to post every day but will work on that. NO new pictures yet either darn it. I did a first today. Went out with my sister today for lunch. We had a great time and it was close to my home. Ready for a big nap but glad to get out of the house. We also exchanged Christmas presents. She is so kind and generous. We had a great time.

Emma is ready for a nap too. Bummer no snow as she really liked even a few inches to play in. Brown and I think ugly. Much warmer than normal. Sunday they say 42 here. Having no snow is keeping the weather warmer. Usually it would be in the 20's. Skiers, the children who get new skates and sleds for Christmas need snow. I will miss a white Christmas. But it is MN so eventually we should get snow.

Emma is so funny. Now I have a pillow just for her to use on my bed. So cute how she adjusts it just so. I use a snoopy pillow case or other special one so I know which one it is. She enjoys it I think. This picture is from last year but it could be this year too. Got out the musical puppy and she again likes it very much. She is so funny. Don't you love this picture?

We don't have the granddaughters today because Greg works a very long day and into the evening. I am still sleeping or resting a lot. I have found the true definition of doing nothing all day. Have to really rest my legs and hands and use nebulizer for breathing. Bronchitis seems better today so that is so good.

Yesterday I slept 5 hours after a medical appointment. Wow I do sleep. The weird thing is when I sleep I have no concept of time when I wake up. Freaks me out. I don't know if it has been 30 min, 3 hours or more. The other night I fell asleep about 7 hoping to sleep an hour. Greg woke me at midnight he was still up, to remind me to take my evening pills. Or it gets dark so early and dark if I wake early in morning. If I wake and it is dark I can't recall if it is morning or night. I just hope that sometime I don't need this much sleep and resting.

I really miss feeling like I accomplish something in a day. My husband, kids, and the medical staff and physical and ocupational therapists say taking care of myself is my task daily. I do the mild at home exercises they gave me but I really miss that good feeling of accomplishment and getting out of the house. I try to be patient and upbeat but some days am not so good at that as I should be.

Can't imagine all this time at home if I didn't have Emma. She will snuggle with me and then after so long bring me toys, or nudge me if she wants to go outside. Most times I never sleep through her feeding time at night. She will wake me. She has a good tummy alarm. And I think I told you if I am up around 2 pm she knows that is nap time. She will come and I just know she wants me to follow her and it will be to the bedroom.

Emma is a wonderful comfort and helper. Greg agrees it gives him peace of mind also when he has to work. She is just awesome will try to write more details about her tomorrow. Merry Christmas to all of you.

Mary and Emma

Not sure how many even know I am blogging again.

oops can't find the photo I wanted to add. Maybe later --- Mary

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