Sunday, December 11, 2011

We're Back!!

Okay folks spread the word, I am going to blog regularily here again. I hope someone will read it. I am obviously a little stronger. Still sleep a lot or rest but can use fingers and arms enough to type daily and feed myself. Must rest them a lot on a pillow but I will never ever take such abilities for granted.

Emma is doing well. It is Sunday. She bugged me at 2. I was up. It wasn't time to eat and she had just been outside. Late in life she has learned to rarely bark for my attention. I couldn't figure out what the deal was. Then saw the time. We almost always nap at 2. Is she now my nap alarm clock. I headed to bed for a nap, she curled up next to me and was so happy to do so. Thatta girl Emma. You always surprised me.

I have arm exercises to do and they are gentle. Most can be done by adapting and playing or petting Emma. Of course she loves that. Greg also good to play with her a bit more than before since I have had a hard time with MS. Very happy about that. She likes the lights of the Christmas tree. So cute to see her staring at it. I am over dosing on Christmas shows, they perk me up, make me smile, laugh, cry in a good way and she watches some of those too. Mostly she cuddles up next to me.

She was a dream at Physical and Occupational therapy last Wed. One of the women I had met at MS things and is one of the staff. All of them loved dogs. I brought her blanket, they made sure she had water and she watched carefully what they were doing. I have OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY AND PHYSICAL THERAPY an hour appart so I can rest. This time they had a place I could even nap. Pillows and all. I fell asleep but Emma was watchful they said of what was going on. Once we got home we both napped. Going outside the house takes a lot of Energy for me.

I have my first wheel chair. It is light and called a transport wheelchair. NOT designed to be in all day, and made to be pushed by someone else. My arms are too weak to move a wheel chair anyway and that is NOT new. A bit sobering but goal to help me when we go out of the house. Goal to be strong enough for the Weinand Family Christmas Brunch next weekend. Will see if i can manage that. One day at a time.

So happy to write about Emma. She is super at helping me like always and does a bit more than before out of my need. She showed me an older dog can recall her younger skills. What an awesome dog she is. I sure hope if you are thinking of chairity dollars you remember Helping Paws. It is - they just had two sets of puppies. Will try to post those sites tomorrow.

Wow I have to go rest my arms awhile. Love this picture of Emma. Need new ones. Thanks for prayers and support.

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