Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hello to any who check this. I am not doing good at keeping up with this bog now.

Merry Christmas to all. I wrote on the website is Maryweinand. I will post here as able. I am still struggling with arm weaknesses and pain. Pray the doctors and physical therapist help me find ways to improve if possible.

I am in good spirits. Wonderful my son who move To San Francisco is here till Jan to stay with us. Hanging out with us today. Family are not coming till tomorrow.

Merry Christmas. I hope you read my reflections on caring bridge.

We like the warm weather but really do want white christmas.
First year ever i paid a small company to snowplow and shovel for me if over 2 inches. Looks like though you pay each month that the owner will not have any works. He said first time ever in the years he has been doing this. We kidded wonder if he will get lots later of if it will be a light year. Sadly we will need the moisture in spring so do need snow.

My son says it is so warm here he hardly feels like he left San Francisco weather wise. He chuckles they bundle up so for temps that still seem warmer to him. I wonder if he is out there several years what his opinion will be. Sadly my husband is sick, almost no voice, sore throat and cough. We just commented he hasn't been sick very much for years. Well now he is and I better try not to get it. He is being wonderful to me.

Take good care, Mary

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