Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Six Year Partnership - Life with an older Service Dog

I will try to email and please forward to any dog fans that I am going to try to write as I can on this blog again. A new tool is that with my arm weakness I can still dictate, sometimes type, or a combo of the two. Finding the dictation does not always recognize with accuracy the words I say so excuse sill remarks. I will try to correct by typing but sometimes no strength to do that. Or when I select to indeed compose with me using the keyboard you will find typos due to tremor, fatigue or other issues.

Please pass the word. I can actually look up the statistics on how many viewing but am not going to let numbers be the goal. There are just amazing things Emma does for me now as my health has declined. I want to see things with her with a sense of humor also So share I will. My goal is once a week or it may be more. Who knows I can't do much do to limb weakness. I am shut in so this will be good for me. And an invitation to those who wish to follow.

I will still keep up the site with website of my name Maryweinand. However will keep them more about the medical end of things. I think now I have to take times to choose to not focus on abilities, disabilities, or medical appointments etc and just feel more normal...if that makes any sense to you.

I wish I had a blog where you can sign up and get email alerts when things are posted. However, I decided I would rather not start another blog at another address. Will see how this goes. When I first started this yes over 6 years ago someone asked me well "who would want to read it" Well we have had readers. NOW I can offer you the perspective of living with an older service dog and the team we have become

We were blessed with only a bit of snow today. How funny. The first year I pay for snow removal. You pay montly in advance. Rates seemed reasonable and the trusted man who does are yard care. Only it has not plowed even once enough for him to plow and shovel. Okay I live in MN where November snow is not uncommon. We would have over 50 inches by now. Well this year not sure total but never eve n two in my yard.

Well this is an issue for Miss Emma. She loves the snow. Her enthusiasm is so cute as she tries to plow through the head in the snow even with so little. We try to be sure balls are tossed to her or toys but even that is not met with as much enthusiasm as a good snow fall would be. Sorry about that Emma. These pictures are from years past.

Emma has done a lot for me. One day I will repeat on here in case you missed it on caring bridge the list of ways she helps now. I will keep this more day to day. Like I have in past.

Emma wil be 9 on MONDAY - yes we better celebrate in some way or another. She is changing. It happened gradually but those who have not seen her for awhile see that she is getting whiter in the face. Enjoys a bit longer naps with me. If i say (rare) she needs to stay home and say go ahead take a nap. Well she seems to almost smile and go jump on her bed or mine. Yet in no way do I worry she will need to retire at age 10. Not with our quiet life style.

I do think she can for sure read my mind even more than ever now. I am certain. She could get me a blanket since her youth but now I don't have to ask. Last night I lost my pillow and she got it off the floor for me too. I need a lot to position my limbs in bed or in a chair these days.

One day I think I looked weary and she searched like mad for things to pick up. Not hard some days. She found socks, a newspaper, a towel and things in various rooms. Now Emma always will pick things up for me when asked but usually I need to or Greg needs to be in the room we are asking about or in eye shot at least. I have heard of helping service dogs who drag many things to owners like purses etc from various rooms as they love the task but that was not Emma. Eager to help for sure but not looking for it in other rooms unless asked I guess.

Rosa is coming today one of my grandchildren. Well she loves a sleeping bag. She left it on Emmas bed which is truly like a mini sized crib matress that is on the floor. Nothing but the best for Emma thanks to a friend and yes it is orthepedic no more simple pillow beds for her - no siree. Well Rosa kind of liked that sleeping bag so has used it on her bed for awhile. Still haven't captured a picture but priceless. Not ever dog gets both a matress and a much loved sleeping bag. Hoping Rosa is ready to now or soon step up to the next size sleep bag as she is getting taller now.

So this seems so good for my spirits and keeping my spirtis up is very good both now and always. Will post some pictures and see if Greg maybe has some new ones to add? Nor sure. With so much going on we haven't exactly taken tons of photos here.

So hurray. Check as you wish but my first goal is weekly. may be more often but who knows. Helping Paws had to great sets of puppies this past December. Think of how they will change lives of others just as Emma has changed both mine and ours...will leave that topic for another day. have a great day.

Ha ha I actually have a timer and have to alternate doing things even sitting and typing and resting doing nothing. I write in bits and pieces so it may be choppy...

Mary And Emma a wonder service dog team....

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Friendly Neighborhood Librarian said...

Mary, people can sign up for the googlereader and it lets you subscribe to blogs. So when YOu write a new blog, your blog is highlighted on one side of the reader. It doesn't send an email, but I like this a lot.
Thanks for writing again.