Sunday, January 29, 2012

Can't Wait till Majestic Shores - MS Camp to Me

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The name is now Majestic Shores Resort but I knew it once as MS Camp. Certainly the highlight of my year with MS friends. You feel normal there. Scooters, walkers, canes all are the norm and wheelchairs. You don't have to explain, they see you not the assistance devise. The scenic Camp Courage run by Courage Center on the shore of a lake with wooded areas to is so wonderful Certainly majestic. The laughter, the fun, the reunions with friends who share this crazy disease, the volunteers who come back many over 25 years --- well it is great fun. Something I look forward to. These are just a few pictures.

There are campfires, activities, boat rides, indoor swimming pool, board games, costume contests, dances, and so much more. So yes I am thinking of that today. We had nice weather and now with February almost here -- my thoughts are spring. Though we kind of skipped winter in many ways.

Emma really was great today. Some girlfriends visited. Both dog lovers and she was so comfortable (Emma) that she just snore away. She helped pick up before they came - well actually she picked up not me. She napped with me once they left. She even spoiled me by waiting an extra hour before waking me to eat her dinner. That a big surprise. We had a nice day.

Emma is learning to do a few more things. Skills she uses but now in different ways. She never had a "gentle mouth" so I never had her pick up pill bottles. She could crack them. Yet lately she has picked up those and other more fragile items with ease. I just repeat gentle and that seems to work. But oh she loves a good challenge so picking up keys, something hard to grab is so fun. Or i bumped off the counter an empty tin can rinsed and headed for the recyle bin. It was tuna and flipped so hard to grab. Well it was like a toy she had such fun trying to get it. then would get it so excited and drop it and start over. Yes it did get put in the recyles. She can of course "put" items there for me.

My mind is blank but there were some unique things this week we wanted her to pick up and yes she loved it. She also is great at taking laundry out of basket and handing it to me so i can put in washer. She always can take out of dryer of course. I really can't bend without being dizzy, but once in awhile I do of necessity put a few items in washer. Greg is handling this a lot though. Well she just is so proud. Than I had to unload washer and handed items to her one at a time to put in the dryer and she got the hang of that too. No surprise she is smart but finding I can ask more of her than ever now.

Still chuckle at Dr appointment my friend reaches for blanket Emma likes on so I don't have to pick it up. Well of course Emma can do this fine. Even in her youth though she was more than willing to let others do it if they wish. Dropping the leash is a big one that others goofed up. In public panic if they see you accidentally drop leash and grag it. Well Miss Emma can do it. On some thngs now she will stop to look and see if the humans in the room will do a task before she does it. Alone with me she will do it all the time. It sure gave the Dr a chuckle.

Saturday my son and granddaughters were here. While watching a movie I realized how close Rosa was snuggled up to Emma and just stroking her so gently. So cute and just came natural. You can imagine how much Emma loves that. Also both girls more than willing to take Emma out into the fenced yard to spare me some footsteps. Though if Emma is worried about me she will just stand outside that patio door wanting to come back in. She has my back all the time that is for darn sure.

I know I needed her to pick up a baggie. Well certain textures not her thing mouth wise. And this was small but yes she got it to me without ripping it to shreds or anything. My friends today also acknowledged how much help she is to me now more than ever.

She is 9 now and it is interesting as my body is slowing down so is hers. I hope things improve for me of course but I think as she ages she will be glad for my quieter life style. Though people say she is as enthusiastic as a puppy for sure. The Vet said she was in great shape. She certainly is a dear to me.

A new issue is if we go to medical appointments who drives me. I for now am not using Metro Mobility until I am stronger or have no choice. I benefit from the help of friends, and even visiting with them when they drive me to appointments and am a bit spoiled in that regard. Well most times Emma goes. So need room for Emma and I and a walker or transport wheel chair. That takes some room especially as one friend sometimes grocery shops while I am at an appointment. Well then some of my MS friends also use walkers themselves. So though they kindly volunteer must examine does their car have room for two walker and Emma? Most times it works out.

I still have a few people who will not allow Emma in their car even if I bring a big sheet or anything. Not even now when I think it is even more obvious that I need her help. The difficulty with one person is she has no concept of why anyone would have a pet and no appreciation for a service dog. On an emergency she let Emma go in her car once and I had huge sheet. She complained and complained it got some hair in her car. She wonders why I dont' have her drive me places but the reason is obvious. I mention not to judge here and sorry it sounds that way but to appreciate that most of my friends go out of their way for Emma even those who are not big dog lovers. Also I don't mind if they simply say no dog in the car but I don't need to be told that over and over again like I am too stupid to know that is there rule.

We go to Rochester Mayo Clinic for their viewpoint on my situation in February. Emma will go with. Greg can't go the first day so another ride down is needed. The issue is who has time and room for my walker, dog, luggage, my daughter, and whatever they need for mobility. We have it worked out with a few options though so that is good. Greg will then join us and bring us home if all goes as planned. Not sure if it will be a few days or longer. I think I have someone to stay at my house while gone or Greg will be here so that is good. Maybe I will feel better and not need to go????

Probably will go no matter what as it is all arranged.

Saw cute saying on facebook something like this - I Try to Take It One Day at A Time but sometimes the days gang up on Me.

Wow this got long. Hmm bet you aren't surprised. Can you tell I wanted to be a writer?

Love from Mary and Emma
Hope you have a good weekk.

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