Monday, January 23, 2012


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Dear Emma,
Happy Birthday today. It was so fun you woke up in a special place today. Rosa was so excited. There you were in her "tent" made of chairs and big blankets. She had made sure your bed was in there. Cozy and fun way to start the day we hope. No big party today, just a wonderful day together. I know you understand more than other people must think. I think you understand the emotional struggles right now more than anyone else knows. I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you know how much I love both the quiet times we snuggle and the active times when you play. I love how you help me with your physical abilities. I never imagined how you help me emotionally. You wake me with enthusiasm and oh how you help me work to make each day a good one.

I love you Emma. I can't stop crying thinking how God blessed me with you as an Angel.

Dear Mary,
You thank me but gosh I love those naps in your warm cozy bed. I really like that many times you don't sit in the recliner because I would rather have you sit on the sofa so I can be next to you. Do you notice I am working on that issue? Now you tell me you need legs up and all that stuff. Thanks for trying to find a way that I can still be so physically close. I love you too. You use words, I use licks and kisses. But more than that I hope you see how attentive I am to you. I am a mess as Greg tells you if you are gone too long. I think our feelings our mutual.


And sometimes pictures are worth more than words so I added some of my favorites...

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