Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moral support visits

Emma and I are both enjoying some visitors lately. Today a woman who helps with cleaning came. A woman from our church also brought a dinner. A welcome break in the day and some nice conversation.

The weather is warm but still some snow for Emma to play in. Boy does she enjoy that. IT is so enjoyable to watch her play, fetch toys and explore the yard. There must be interesting smells as she has a routine to walk the perieter of the fence line, Then sniff under a pine tree that is in the fence. There is a tree line just outside the fence in the far back so I be she smells critters. We do see rabbits and squirrels at times. In our front yard we see tracks that might be deer or fox. I am not good at determining which and not out daily. Plus with only a bit of snow and then sun melting some of it = well I just can't figure it out.

Emma really likes any treat with ginger or peanut butter. Yes normally it is for sure a doggy treat and I watch how many to keep her weight steady. Too bad she doesn't do the same for me. We were out though and had some very think boxed ginger cookies almost crackers. We would break in half and as a special treat now and then would give her one. She was estatic. Yes we stick to doggy food but once in awhile a carefully selected treat seems to be okay.

A funny thing, yesterday MOnday i had a more challenging day. So tired, hard to breathe so I use the bipap machine which is normally by my bed. Sometimes I move to by my chair but it isn't easy to do if weak. So we had been up a bit and I was in bed just dosing. Someone knocked on the door and Emma only put her head up let out a weak bark and since I didn't get up neither did she. Normally she would run to the door. Well turns out someone was delivering food. They called by cell phone and I was so weak I hadn't picked it up. Once in awhile that is the case. Well I got the message and we got the food - but it was so unusual that Emma ignored it and laid in bed with me. She is now 9 but anyway very rare.

Today she was her perky self. I dropped one of those tins you hold christmas cookies in and couldnot pick it up. Emma loved the effort like it was a toy but also did not get it picked up . There was nothing for her to grab on to. Well a friend to the recipe so that worked out.

No other big news. We are liking short visits. No dr appointments till Thursday this week. No photos today. Time to get ready for bed already. Thanks for all the support. Love from Emma and Mary

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