Monday, December 12, 2011

Yes you have seen this picture before, but it is one of my favorites.
Now you are more likely to see her sleeping right on our bed with me. She likes our naps.
I think she would like a little more snow. Maybe at the end of the week but I am not sure.
At this time last year we were cleaning up from a 17 inch snow fall that ripped the roof of the MetroDome.
This year we don't even have 3 or 4 inches I don't think.
Of course I am not the one shoveling.
We are paying someone to help us this year - is that a sure way to get less snow? We will see.
Like washing your car and it rains?

Emma had a nice day and evening. She sure likes pushing her nose through the snow.
I think the trees in the back ( a small tree line from the farm that was here) cast shadows
She sometimes runs and or barks when there seems to be nothing there
Mostly she just enjoys the snow, the smells, and the squirrels that are still around at times.
She loves her back yard, I watch from the patio so am so glad it is fenced.
She keeps stopping to look at me to be sure she can see me, today I sat down in a chair that wasn't visible to her
due to where she was in the yard and she came running quick.
I need to be in her view and that is good as then she is in mine.

When I sleep too long in the day she comes and nudges me to play
Never does that at night.
Today I think it was a good thing, she brought me a toy too
She wants me to play and be with her.
Even on days I am worn out, I really need to push to get up and sit to gain strength
And being with her is a big treat.

How I treasure Emma. She is just wonderful to be with.
Tomorrow we get out of the house to go to the doctor. She won't mind that.
This doctor was so afraid of dogs, I would have Emma stay with her nurse.
Now she is not afraid at all of Emma and even told me she learned to like a neighbor dog.
She really thinks Emma is a great dog - though not ready for her children to get a dog yet.
I consider this a big victory on Emma's part.

Love you Emma. Thanks to all who helped bring her into my life.

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