Thursday, November 10, 2011

Found this photo. Looking at old photos when I feel up to it. My family taught me how to scan. With weak arms only on computer a bit but I could do this today.

This is a MS Society Couples Retreat. We went to several. Due to funding issues they are not held now. Special times for Greg and I and Emma and other couples. Educational and fun. The theme was to look like you were on a cruise dinner. I had to borrow this from a friend. Normally I never wear sparkly things and never have since. Rosa likes to dress up in it and looks cute on her. My friend told me to keep it.

Emma is being just great helped. We snooze a lot and I rest all the time. Miss the sense of accomplishment of doing more but so glad for Emma's help.

Just a reminder, if you wish, I post on - you enter my name maryweinand for website. Will keep this up as I can.

One day at a time - I am coping... Emma makes it so much easier. Cute of her in this picture I thought. wish photographer had her come closer to us...

Have a good day.

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