Friday, July 8, 2011

My wonderful Emma

I really love this photo of is not new.
I look at it and hope that I nurture her enough - for all the ways that she helps me in a day.
She is with me from the instant I open my eyes in the morning - till I close them at night.
She cuddles with me, helps me, and gives me a positive boast each and every single day.

Today we are headed to the Lung Specialist - a routine visit
They will do a few tests I think, and then we will talk about meds etc
My bipap levels were changed after a sleep study and that seems helpful.
Dr. Amy is very kind and it should be helpful.

Later we might see my friend Jan. I sure hope so.
Besides Greg and Emma - my best friend Jan keeps me sane.
Of all the girlfriends in my life - she is just so awesome
We laugh, share thoughts, concerns, insights...I treasure the time with her.

With my friends without MS though it is kind of tough
Some of the things whey would like to do - they are best off to do with others
I feel that way about my sister too.
When walking is limited, fatique high - there just are things I can't do easily
Or at all.

I do have the scooter but not easy to get into my car (no lift, no ramp)
And of course not into others.
Not complaining really or that is not my intention
It just changes things compared to the past,

Jan and other friends and family keep me going though - for sure.

Emma though is the best friend
Up at night with me if I need that,
Helping with chores and daily needs
She is just so very very awesome.

time for me to take her outside for awhile.

Maybe more later??? Might see the granddaughters Sat and we sure hope so.
that would brighten my day.
There parents lives are so busy - hope they can have dinner with us sometime soon too.
Anyway love my family.

My children all live in town but now my youngest has a job offer in San Francisco
He is so excited.
I am waiting to hear details...
So thrilled for him - but what an adjustment for me - my baby!!!
I wonder what his final decision will be?

Have a good Friday - sunny and warm here.
Mary and Emma

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