Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Already

Hi to All,
I can't believe it is Tuesday night already! this day flew by. We had some time around the house, water exercise, lunch with friends and then a wait till a Dr appointment re my MS. Due to the fact the Dr appt went late, we had to go to Greg's work for a mtg he could not miss. It shouldn't be really long - there just wasn't time to drive me home and Greg to get back to work on time. It was a busy day. We can rest up tomorrow. I hope he is correct that the mtg will not go long.

Emma had to watch and wait at swimming, and relax during the rest of the day too. I am sure she will delight in running in her own back yard when we get home. We did have food for her (just in case) thank goodness as she eats at 5 or so. I got her outside some between events today. She is coping just fine.

The testing today at the Dr. confirmed that the drug Ampyera (spelling) that is designed to help with walking skills is indeed helping me out...that is a great thing for me. I think Emma get's more exercise because I can walk a bit longer distance, I can stand and play with her longer, and have more pep when we play in the yard. Yeah for Emma and I both.

We had light flurries of snow today. The places we went had more snow than we have left in our yard. Emma was more than happy to dive into it and play....she is so cute to observe and play with too.

Hope you all have a nice evening/day - whenever you are reading this. i wish you a happy day.

Mary and Emma

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