Sunday, June 12, 2011

Smelling the Roses

Emma is enjoying this new bed. The lighting isn't just right in this one but I though we would include it anyway. I will try to bet another better one.

the other photo is of a rose in my garden. We have several rose bushes and over 100 blooms of red, pink, white on various bushes. It is so pretty and smells good too. Unfortunately on Tuesday when it was 103 the blooms all burst out at once. Now that it is cooler they are hanging on. But they opened so fast in the sunny heat that we missed some of the unfolding from bud to full rose.

They grow well in our front yard by the house and steps. I love it. We don't fuss wiht them much and they do well. Especially now as buds are spent though we will have to dead end them. This means cutting off the spent blooms in a certain manner to help promote more growth. Most of the bushes we have bloom twice a season.

One is just huge type and it gets taller than we are. I will try to take a photo of that too. That blooms so much it is just beautiful. We can't recall when we got them but many years ago. When they redid my sidewalk to the house many years ago the person using the front loader dug up one of the tall ones. Ugh. Oh well.

Cloudy and a bit cool today but we did get outside which is nice. A quiet day. I have some pain now even with the medication. sure hope I feel better so i can go to church tonight for a baptism. The celebration is at the 7:00 Mass where Greg works.
He has to work about four hours total due to two masses. Then add more than an hours total drive time when you include both ways.

I am trying to really focus on the positve things in my life. Viewing the roses makes me think of that. Time with Emma outside also means time for reflection I just have so much to be thankful many wonderful people in my life now and through out the years.

We hope sometime this week you will have time to be quiet, relax and reflect on the good things of life.

Mary and Emma

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