Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hi in the wee hours of the night...

HI All,

We are not up late - at 1 am. I am up because of some pain and spasm issues. We already got some sleep and I am seeing if changing position to sitting helps. Also some mild over the counter type meds to help. Emma is up with me of course. You can't imagine how comforting that is for me. She was also nudging Greg as he tried to sleep. I think she was doing so as it was obvious I was having some difficulties and she wanted to see if her could help. Not the very unmistakeable way she alerts him is I fall or tell her to "go get Greg" but gently poking at him.

Now she is at my feet. Her presence so very welcome. Thanks a million thanks to those of you who read this who helped train her and bring her to me through Helping Paws. Whatever your role a billion thanks...especially of course to dear Judy and family who were her foster family.

We had a nice day Sat. We went to an graduation open house for my neice. It was extra special to us because she accomplished this on time even though she also had a beautiful baby daughter this year. A teen pregnancy is not easy but with the support of her wonderful parents she is doing well and achieved this goal to graduate on time. It was our first time seeing my great neice. She was a heart darn cute. Greg's sister came from Arizona for the occasion and that made it special also. Since she is here, a bridal shower for another neice is tomorrow. Hope I feel better and we can go to that event.

We are sure at the age where people have there issues with health it seems. I remain optimistic that things will get better for me as issues are not MS related. Seems like I have prayed for so many with various health issues these past months....

I found out that a friend of mine from high school who lives out of state also has a service dog. I didn't know that due to health issues she is in a wheel chair. Haven't spoken to her in decades. She found me on face book and so we found out we both had service dogs. She agrees it has helped her immensely.

Emma liked being outdoors today with me. We had her home a few hours alone during the open house. I dont do that very oftern. She did fine. I was happy to get home and we went outdoors immediately. She helped me relax and was snuggling with me as the Twins lost big time tonight. I finally had to turn the channel too painful to watch for us.

I can't believe how fast this summer is going. We are waiting for MN Sun and warm summer weather. We had more cloudy days than Seattle they said on the news today. One of my kids had just told me the other day "this lack of Sun reminds me i am not moving to Seattle" then it was on the news today.

We were able to visit the granddaughters and hang out at their home Friday afternoon which was really enjoyable. Then they went with us to the Open House. I feel so blessed to be able to see them often recently. They are the best medicine ever.

Hope your weekend goes well. Thanks for reading when I had my melt down earlier in the week. They better get my medical problem figured out so I can stay emotionally stronger. This pain really is tough to deal with...anyway since then I have at least been in a better mood.

Emma and Mary wish you a good weekend.

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ljr2003cal said...

Thanks, Mary, for teaching me about all aspects of how it is to live with a service dog. In a single post, you have described the extremes in the world of humans -- people who want your dog too much disregarding what you and Emma are as a team, and people who can't see what she is. I am sorry for what you have to face.