Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are We Done Yet

Love this picture of Emma at church with us. This was not taken at our church as there are no pads in Catholic Churches that we have around here. I guess they want us attentive and uncomfortable ha ha. Aside from the green eyes, I think this is so cute. Normally she lays on that blanket she likes. But if it gets long she then puts her head up like that. I think saying okay I will be good but are we done yet?


I spent a good part of the day without Emma with us. Bummer. We were home most the morning though and then home to feed her and let her out at dinner time. Then off again but only for a few hours. She did just fine. Greg missed her also. I assure her she can be with me every minute tomorrow and in upcoming days as far as I can see anyway.

My elderly Aunt whom we are trying to take care of had to give up her car. I am overwhelmed with her generosity but instead of having my brother sell the car for her she gave the car to Greg and I. My other brothers in town and sister did not need a car. We have the van but this will give us better mileage. Greg will plan to use it to drive to work several time, when/if she is able to go out in the car with us we can take what she still feels is "her" car... Her car means a lot to her. She wanted it to have a good home rather than be sold to strangers.

So Greg drove her car today. She wanted us to when she invited us to visit her and go to lunch there with her. Though we already had the car, we needed her to sign the title, and she had extra keys to give to us too. She was so cute - we pulled it close so she could see it and she said it was in good hands. We had a nice lunch with her. She is a senior apartment still though she gets some nursing care and services there. It has a nice dinning area and we had a pleasant visit.

She likes Emma but are next stop was to get our grandchildren. There is not enough room for Emma and two granddaughters in the back of her car. Turns out their mommy who was working got sick and had to go to urgent care. We brought the girls home after an outing to Target. Due to needing to watch them longer we had to go home to feed Emma and more important to get her outside to go potty. There mom was done sooner than expected and Rosa was sound asleep in the small car. Since Emma was fine we did not change to the van to take her. This gave Rosa a longer nap.

We stopped briefly for supper because both of us had lower blood sugar and couldn't wait. Emma was just fine when we got home. I took her outside. It is good to know she can manage this long without us. But the only bad news was how much we missed her.

The Good NEWS - is with the help of pain pills on a regular basis but a lower dose I was able to get out of the house. We had the nicest time with my Aunt too. She was in much better shape than she has been for awhile.

I had a blast with the granddaughters at Target Super store. Sophia at age 11 cooks and needed items for supper. She was making spaghetti. We needed things too. We also had fun window shopping. I had a lot of patience and we looked at tons of things. It was cool and at that point we did not think there was time to take them to our house to play. Also there wasn't a movie at the right time. Also I couldn't play at their house in the same way due to the pain I did have...anyway it was fun.

We looked at books, and Sophia gave me lots of ideas on good books to read. We looked at toys and Rosa showed me all the cute dolls and both of them the games and things that they thought were fun. They never beg or anything. We just get ideas for birthdays etc. Don't tell but they found a gift for Sophia's Dad (her biological father) and for Rosa's Dad who loves them both like a both girls were excited to do that. We split up for awhile with e alone with Sophia in the book dept and she picked them out. Rosa is a chatter box and fun. But when we go someplace like that sometimes we split up so Sophia gets one to one time with Grandpa or me and to look at things that interest her.

TESTS - so far tests still look okay and the cause of my pain is a mystery. The pain required pain pills today but not as high a dose and it gave me more relief so that was a good sign. I was not pain free but managed. They told me what symptoms to watch for and otherwise we will treat this as a unusual muscle strain and see if it doesnt gradually get better. I did have some new tests on Friday but they were all looking good. All that reassures us at least.

SUNDAY - I hope to get rest and at night go to church where Greg works. We know a young couple that is having a child baptized. Can't wait to meet there baby. That's why the picture of Emma under a pew caught my eye today. Some of the summer weeks Greg's Sun hours are not so long so I can handle going with him. We have a friend I have known since my first real job with ALS that is progressing slowly but he is getting more and more limited. Typically he and his wife are there so I treasure time with them too. He can still talk and really likes seeing us. We sit a long time before or after Mass and chat. I still have to be there about 4 hours though. That is a short day for him on Sunday.

It has been nice but cooler. Greg hopes to work in the yard tomorrow and I think it will be good to be outside with Emma. We will be sure to nap too. I bet I will nap late after a big day today.

Thanks for prayers and good wishes. If I don't write Sunday please don't worry. I still have some pictures on my camera from camp. I need Greg to help me down load them and I have more storeis to share.

The really neat thing about visiting my Aunt is she had us up to her apartment. Many times she wants us to stay in a main floor seating area or before to go places with her. Well it is so special as she has pictures, furniture and things that make me feel almost like I am at my Grandma's house again. She lived with my Grandma most of her adult life until my Grandma died. We looked at old pictures and had a good visit.

Hope you weekend goes well. Congratulations again from Emma to Katie Michurski on her graduation.....Mary and Emma

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