Sunday, June 19, 2011


The Photo is of my Aunt Betty. It was taken a few years ago. Since I have shared that I am trying to help support her with her life challenges, and so many of you said you were praying for her - well thought I would share the photo. She likes Emma. If I talk to her by phone she always says give Emma a pet for me.

About Father's Day.....

We had a quiet Sunday but nice weekend. Sat Greg got what he wanted for Father's Day - a day with his granddaughters. There Dad Mike worked and their mom Tia. Our son Danny also joined us to go to the movie Mr Poppers Penguins the kids just loved it but the adults enjoyed the humor also. Emma was awesome of course. Also they hung out with us for several hours at our home. I needed a long nap but that worked out too.

Today when we went to church Emma had to adjust to change. I needed to use my walker. Since Greg was a reader he had to sit in the front pews. Well long story but we had to be situated differently than normal. Emma was a bit confused as after communion we had to be right by where people walked by. Anyway she did just fine. The church is not well set up for where to put my walker when they go to communion which in the Catholic Church is weekly. I don't like to sit in the back to avoid this problem and when Greg reads then he has to be close to the front. Anyway will work on finding a solution for this. Emma was awesome like always.

Greg had the full Sunday off. He works for a different Catholic Church and Neuman Center so during the school year he works every single Sunday and long days often. The students are not around much right now, and it was Father's Day, and he works already a long week --- so yeah a Sunday off. Totally off. Rare.

Still puzzled by some of my health issues. Glad to have Emma to help me deal with life. She helped a lot as we did manage to do some laundry today. She also is tons of moral support. So glad to have her in my life. I am emotional due to the pain issues, or weird or something. So i was alone with her and like i often do verbally thanking her for being in my life, while petting her. I broke down sobbing. She just cuddled closer. No one can imagine how much she means to me - no matter how much I write on the blog..

Was outside some today but it was warm and humid for me. Tomorrow will be home all day and hope to be outside some of that day. Put the things for my cooling vest in the freezer so they will be ready. They take a lot of room in the freezer. Wish I could afford a small one but just have the one in my normal refrigerator. Anyway we will last longer outdoors or go out more often with the vest. Hope it is not too humid.

Grateful for summer days. very green here do to so much rain.

On Father's Day I am grateful to my husband for being such an awesome Father and Grandfather too. I am proud of my son Michael who is also a wonderful father. Greg is also very helpful as needed with Emma so she appreciates him also.

Off to bed soon i hope. Gosh it is only 9 but we got up early. Please keep me in your prayers as they deal with some of my mystery health issues...but be assured I am handling it with support of my family and my wonderful Emma.

Mary and Emma

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