Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Glad to report we have nice weather.
It is going to be warm but Mary was able to sit outside a bit with me in the shade.
I liked that.
We really appreciate her having a cooling vest.
She wears it even indoors these days - even with AC on she feels so hot.
She even wears it for naps.

The medications for pain and nausea are helping a lot.
We plan to be home now till tests next week.
Doctors want Mary to rest and that is what she wants to do anyway.
She is coping pretty good today.

Mary's friends are sure nice
They are calling and sending emails
And offering to help.
Not a lot to do though but just wait it out.

We are going to watch a movie this afternoon if Mary feels up to it.
Also she has one book on tape and others to read when she feels good enough.
she can use the ipad in bed which is nice.

We remain optimistic that soon things will get back to normal
But what is normal any how? Ha ha.

Nurse Emma is handling things just fine.
Truly I am a helping hand and Mary says a big source of comfort.

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