Sunday, June 5, 2011

No picture today as i am not at home and using my ipad.

A great weekend! My granddaughters shared a good part of the day with us Sat. I treasue those days together.

Sunday i finally got it all right and used my cooling vest. Would have come in handy yesterday. You have to activate the packets that are then frozen. It was just great today. Was still cool after six houts! I got some weeding done, enjoyed outside with Emma and Greg. I even wore it in the house as i got more chores than normal done!!!

I even had stamina to get by with a shorter than normal nap. We were able to see my daughter Becky on our way to tne church where Greg works. Went to evening Mass there and am still there. He cant leave till after 10pm. Late for me normally but i am holding up just fine. I can take it easy Monday is i need to recover from the weekend.

cant say enough about how great the cooling vest is for me. Will be great especially to be outdoors with Emma and with the girls!!

i think you can find my type at
I got it from a friend who never used it at a huge savings to me. My ms doctor has encouraged me to get this for a few years. He even wrote it on a Rx slip. I should not have waited though befote i could not have such a high quality type.

Have a good week. Emma sends a special congratulatons to Katie Michurski who graduated!! Emma spent almost three year with her family

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