Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enjoy summer

Emma and I are glad summer is here. Chose some photos from summers past to share. The little house is a butterfly house we made at camp. The garden has milkweed and daises in it. The milkweed attracts the butterflies. The butterfly house has a peice of barke in it so the butterflies can go in to dry off or whatever.

Did you know I have a poop for Emma? Did you know in past years Emma will never go in it. Even though she loves to swim in laked??

We got a soaking rain late Tuesday afternoon and into the evening. Things look so green. Emma went with of course to a dr appointments Greg and I had Tues because we have diabetes. Well I don't know what she smelled but she sure liked it in the grass by the clinic. She loves to smell things of course. She also was very very good at the clinic.

Dr. Kohn was so afraid of dogs that years ago she said her nurse would take care of Emma in another room while she met with me. Otherwise Greg kept Emma with him in the lobby. Dr. Kohn then said she looks gentle and I will get use to her. But I am so afraid of dogs. Well over the years things have gradually changed. She even wanted to pet Emma Tuesday. Now she reposts she likes Emma and her neighbor dog. But still nervous about others. She does know and understand how important Emma is in my life.

Today another Dr visit. Greg is off and hope he gets time outdoors but it may rain? I finally got some sleep so I didn't watch the news.

Hope you all have a great summer. Sorry for spelling errors. Love Emma and Mary

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