Thursday, April 14, 2011


Just got home from water exercise...brr cold wind and cooler temps here today...and I miss the sun. Suppose to stay cool for a few days. Oh well.

Emma is doing great. Anxious to go outside again. We have fun in the yard. She never tires of going outside. She explores, we play fetch and so on. Have had a few warm days where I even sat outside with her for over an hour. She really likes that. She lays in the sun, then plays and just seems so relaxed.

My son has decided not to move to San Francisco for a job offer. He put a lot of thought into it. Just not the right time or right company to do a big move. He is single not the one who has children. I am relieved he will be here for the time being. I know he may move at some point but treasuring the time we see him now. He stays pretty busy. Easter I think all the children will be here - I will appreciate it even more knowing Dan or any of them might sometime decide to move away. I would have supported him either way but glad he is staying home when he explained his concerns. No he doesn't live with us but I mean "home" living in Mpls.

Majestic Shores resort is just over 4 weeks away (formerly called MS Camp). That is exciting for Emma and I. I have been on phone and email talking to friends that are also going. Some are out of town so I don't see them often. Yeah Kathy (she reads this) and Jan will be our roommates. Can't wait for fun times together. I received a list of who is attending and who sleeps in which cabin. It just will be awesome. I am so excited. May is nice as it doesn't get too hot for those of us with MS. There is an August Camp too (you can only go once a year) but that time and the weather does not work as well for us.

A dear friend of our MS water class group is very ill. So those of us there thought of him as we had lunch at subway. Gosh I hope he recovers. Prayers are with Charles and his family.. He especially loves Emma.

Well off to take Emma outdoors and to a nap. She likes the outdoors so I am not sure if she "has to go out" or just "wants to go out"? The fresh air will be good for both of us.

Have a good evening. Greg took some pictures of Rosa and pictures of Rosa with Emma. I will try to get them on my computer and post them.

Hope you are in good health. Thinking of you,

Emma and Mary

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