Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday - May Your Week Go Well

Monday - We are home all day. We kind of wish we were going out but the opportunity did not arise. Greg comes home tonight from Boston Trip and we are pleased!! We miss him. Though I must say Emma really enjoys hogging the bed while he is gone.

Still dealing with this darn sore throat though it is better. A friend of mine called and has the same thing though we have not been together for over two weeks. Must be going around.

Emma has less and less snow to play in. It is blustry here today but we both enjoyed getting outside. She seems curious as to what is in the yard to smell since most of the snow is gone. She is however persistant in trying to play and roll in what little snow remains out there. The sun is shinning which is very very nice for us. Perks up our day - or at least mine.

Laundry day today and Emma of course will be helping me. I also stripped the bed and the blankets are on the floor. She reminds me of my children when they were young...she likes to lay in the pile of blankets. So cute.

Hope your Week is a good one. We have water exercise tomorrow and I hope to feel good enough to go. Sunday night my daughter Rebecca (Becky) and son Michael and granddaughter Rosa came over for awhile and that was so nice. They brought Rory who is just 18 months and we had fun playing with him too. HE has a big dog at home so was just excellent with Emma. We know Rory's parents but it was the first time Emma and I had met Rory.

So all is well. Just taking it one day at time...thinking of you. Emma and Mary

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