Saturday, April 16, 2011

snow? Again!!

Yes, sometimes it snows in April in MN. We know that. But what a bummer to wake up to a white covering on the grass. It did not last long at least. The day was gray, cold, and dreary. Also windy. Emma went out with me several times in the yard but I don't think she was even much interested today. We were home all day. Tomorrow we will get out of the house for church etc.

No flowers yet here, but green is peeking up through the ground. I always imagine the plants pushing up through the soile to peek out. I wonder if they are thinking "are you ready for me or not?" Looks like my irises will be able to bloom soon if the sun and warmth come. They actually seem to grow inches a day. When we did day care I believe sometimes we even measured them each day for awhile. Exciting to see their growth.

Camp is 4 weeks and 1 day away. I am already checking the clothing I have not worn since last spring to see that I have what I need. They call it MS resort now and it truly is a very nice experience. I love the fact we get to go each year. You will likely hear so much about it both before and after that you will be thrilled or be sick of it ha ha.

I heard HElping Paws had puppies today. Isn't that thrilling. New little golden retrievers I think that will in 2-3 years join their partner. They will become service dog teams that will change the life of the human partner forever and ever. Congratulations to Helping Paws Staff, Volunteers, and the family that is caring for the mother and puppies. Sounds like they were all healthy.

Here are some pictures of Rosa from her last sleep over. I may see her and Sophia Sunday - I sure hope so.
Hope you have a great weekend...please let this be the last snow this season. Hope to take some pictures of Sophia and my children on Easter.

Mary and Emma

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