Monday, April 18, 2011

Taxes Mailed

Happy Tax Day or at least a relief they are paid and in the mail. We have never that I recall waited till the last minute on them like this year. Oh well it is done and that is great feeling.

It is pretty grey here and we certainly want sun but I think it is going to be a cool and cloudy week. Still the grass is getting green and the gardens warming up. I hope it is a nice Easter weekend. I think my whole gang is coming though not sure with Sophia who might be with her biological father. We'll see.

Emma and I have gone out side several times. She saw some bunnies that perked her up. ha ha. Not warm enough to sit long outside with her though. She likes to retrieve her toy or balls and then just likes to poke around out there. She is so good for me. I love being with her. Love that she gets me up and going in the day.

Yesterday I went to bed (sunday at 4 pm) I had to get up at 10 pm for pills and to eat a bite for my blood sugar. Wide awake at 4 am but then took a morning nap. Goofy schedule. We had gone to church both in Maple Grove here at our home parish and then gone to Greg's work. After church there was a pancake breakfast and Rosa and Michael my son came. Fun. Greg had to work awhile and then we picked up my son Danny. He does not have a car (lives in uptown and rarely needs one he says) and did some errands with him. Grabbed a late lunch together so that was fun. I love being with my family.

So I had been gone 8 hours which may surprise you but that is a very long day for me to be gone with my MS. The nap was needed and extended into sleeping into the evening. Greg got Emma outside or I would have been woken up for that (by her).

Now trying to get things done this afternoon. I have a book to finish by book club Monday also. Tomorrow we have water exercise. Then I have a sleep study at night. So NO NAP Tuedsday. They will observe me sleeping using my bipap machine and see if the settings are accurate and so on. Emma could go but I think we both will do better if she stays home with Greg that night. Then he can take her out if she needs to go potty etc. I have done this before and it goes okay if I can sleep. To be sure I can sleep this time they are giving me a strong sleep medication. Sleeping with wires attached, in a different bed, while you know you are being watched is not like being at home - as you can imagine.

Helping Paws had new puppies over the weekend. I will try to post the site you can go to in order to see pictures.

It is my cousin Karen's birthday. She is a blog reader so Happy Birthday Again Karen from Emma and I.

Hope you all have a good day....Mary and Emma

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