Thursday, June 3, 2010


Home till 5pm.
Mary skipped water exercise. She worked outside planting awhile and the headache she woke up with got worse and worse. I had a ball outside. I watched Mary plant in the front, got a different view as I am normally in the back a lot.

Mary had to lay down and I was ready to rest also. Fan on - no a/c today as it was great weather.

Greg worked at home except for a mtg. I got to be in the backyard and front yard more with he and later Mary too. Felt good after a nap to stretch my legs.

Dinner at a fancy restuarant. The host looked a bit dismayed when he saw me walk in. Mary whispered "she will surprise you".
I was perfect though it was a loong meal (four courses) . Good thing I stretched my legs earlier.

Dinner must have been incredible. Nope I didn't get a crumb of course. I was outstanding too Mary said. The staff paid us lots of compliments. Patrons looked stunned to see me come out from under the table.

The place they ate was Alma's. Mary's kids gave Greg a gift certificate for his birthday. Due to surgery etc this was the time to use it. Both said it was worth waiting for.


Home and yeah some exercise.

11:00 Home and we are ready to snuggle in to bed listening to gentle rain. Poor Mary says she still had a headache but not as bad as it was before.

My favorite part of the day - I think being in the yard
Least favorite - under the table for the meal they ate slow, they talked a lot...they were told no rush as the table was free after they were done tonight. Believe me they didn't rush ha ha.

A Prayer of Thanks - Our friend Allyson gave birth to her third healthy baby daughter today.


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