Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home All Day

After water exercise Tuesday = I just felt so worn out. I slept the rest of the day and night. Of course, taking time to take Emma outside till Greg got home and took her outside.

Today we stayed home all day also. I have slept a lot but it is a nice day so been outside with Emma too. With the frequent rains we have had her back yard is just beautiful. Not sure if I will get out on the scooter to give her a walk, but Greg who works a bit late will likely take time outside with her.

Her enthusiasm to go outside has been good for me today. Good for "us". It has been fun, gorgeous to be outdoors and watch her play and fetch. There is a nice breeze, bright sun, and it brightens the day. Bless you Emma for helping me to get outdoors even when i don't feel so great.

The insurance company is still "reviewing" if they will cover the MS drug they want me to go on. I hope a decision is made soon. I can go on choice B rather than nothing if needed. Frustrating as I think I will feel better to get back on a drug again?!!

Emma is such a good companion any day. When you are home not feeling so good it is even better. I am not sure if I have what my husband had or if it is asthma/MS problems? Just a day to take it easy - for sure.

Tomorrow I want to write about mothers and those who are like mothers to us. Our love goes out to Kathy in a special way today.

Love from Emma and Mary

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