Monday, June 21, 2010

A dear dear friend of mine died and I found out today.
She was almost old enough to be my mother.
I met her because she had MS
She attended MS water exercise with me for years.

I was suppose to see her again tomorrow
Instead she is smiling from heaven.
She was so dear to me.
She had one son and one grandson.
She use to say she wished she was indeed my mother.

When I visited her she insisted i bring Emma.
Even a few weeks ago in her weakened state
She wanted Emma moved so she could stroke her
And told her to take good care of me.

I just thought I would get to see her again a few times.
She also had cancer and we didn't know how much time she had left

Now Jeanne Angel is my Angel in heaven.
And she had a sense of humor.
She loved to tell people Mrs. Angel sees Dr. Love (and it was true)

I am so glad she is out of pain and suffering
So joyful for her.

But so sad for our loss here going on without her.
I am sure she is now an angel in heaven.

I have Emma glued to my side because I have been crying
Emma my dear Emma

Please pray for Jeanne's only child - he has a lot to deal with .

Will write more soon.


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