Friday, June 18, 2010

A Bad Experience

The restaurant name I won't disclose = but we had our first difficulty taking Emma out to eat with us.
I am with holding the name because we have been there before during the day with no difficulty.
My husband was so upset we left without talking to the manager last night.

Here's what happened.

The place was very very busy.
The hostess seemed irritated and not very polite.
She asked if I could sit at a high table?
She seemed irritated when we said "no" I am handicaped, with a cane and dog - hello?!!!

Then she found a table
It was a tight table for two
Close to another table
And absolutely no room for Emma

We politely mentioned
due to the dog and their spacing
we would need a table for 4

She looked at the dog and us
with disgust
She was not polite
She did not say "the wait for a table for 4 will be.. (we would have waited)

Hard to describe how cold she was
It was just so obvious that the dog irritated her and Emma was being perfect
So Greg talked to her and then he was mad
and said we would go somewhere else

She did not say well you could stay
but almost seemed relieved we were leaving

Or if she said we could wait for a table....
been kind....

Well we went somewhere else
They welcomed the dog
Like always realized we needed a table for 4 with the dog
they were also packed and crowded
but they were polite and kind.
Three Squares in Maple Grove is always kind to Emma.

Now I am choosing not to mention the place
because I think maybe the woman was just overwhelmed?
We have been there before and done fine but lunch not dinner

We do have a gift certificate there
So will try again
Next time I will ask for the manager politely
if I get that kind of treatment

People in Maple Grove are use to some Helper Dogs both from Helping paws
and another organization

It made me glad we get good service normally.

Sorry about that experience Emma ---- Mary

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