Sunday, June 27, 2010

Emma makes me laugh, smile, helps me literally, and helps me feel loved.

Today we were home all day. She didn't mind walking with me but outside she wouldn't play with her toys with me. I was like a cheerleader with her favorite toys and she would watch me toss them but not fetch them. She looked at me like I was nuts or like she didn't have any idea what I wanted her to do. Emma you sure can be so darn silly.

Emma was in a great mood, helped with laundry, let me brush her (endless shedding) and was normal in all ways. I guess this was a day her regular toys just didn't appeal to her outdoors. How funny.

Tomorrow is bookclub so I have been reading today inbetween doing things...time for bed.

Emma just went out again!! Must be some critter of interest that i don't see that she smells? Anyway she does her duty, smells and comes in quick. Now will cuddle in bed with me.

She is the best...Mary and Emma

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