Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stare Down

We were at a store a long time - considering buying new phones. Emma was so good waiting. There really was no place to be "under" like if you are out to eat. So she just was obediently by me. They graciously at least got a chair for me. Standing at the counter got to be too long. A man came in and as i was involved talking to the sales person - Emma gave a slight bark. We were surprised to say the least.

The very elderly man told us "I was having a stare down with your dog - she won". She hates being stared at by strangers in that way. I believe it is intimidating. The man had a big smile and Emma was fine once his expression changed. It was an unusual encounter that has never happened to us. Never someone trying to stare at her that I know of.

By contrast when I want Emma's attention and she is distracted - I will say "Emma, look at me". She looks at me with those beautiful brown eyes and my heart melts. Once in awhile, usually outdoors, i might need to say that to get her attention. I think just in free time when she is distracted. My kids say it reminds them of when they were young and I would make the same request to be sure they were listening.

OUR DAY went by so quickly we went to water exercise and worked out so hard - I was just pooped. Emma and I were outside awhile and then I needed a nap. As the days have turned to weeks, to months and now to years Emma seems to always want to sleep with her body up against mine in some manner. She is touching my feet or my legs. I can sense her breathing.
When we watch television or I read, our favorite place is NOT the recliner for my use - nope - it is the love seat where she cuddles up next to me. Again her body touching mine.

At church Sunday, I had trouble breathing to the point we left early. Emma got up so quietly and went out with us. Greg was practically holding me up as I was also faint. I knew it was my asthma so we rushed home for a nebulizer treatment. Again Emma was continually at my side and so protective. Protective, caring, attentive, worried, concerned, helpful - I am not sure the accurate words to describe her behavior. i know it helps me.

My new phone is not a big expensive one. We paid $20 but it has a voice activated calling on it. I was impressed to find that out as if I feel crummy and Greg is like in the yard I could just say "call Greg" and or if I need emergency help. My lung capacity is below normal. i have asthma and the humidity is tough at times too. I didn't purchase it for this feature but think it might be helpful.

Please pray for my nephew Soren who has cancer. He is only 8 years old. His health right now is good (he feels good) but the chemo treatments, and first another surgery will be tough on him. It is early now in the process so they don't know all that will be involved. I will mention him time to time to just pray for him and for those who have health problems.

At least when things are tough for me (like they were Sunday all day, I have lived a good life and reached some of my goals. it tears my heart apart to think of young kids and young families facing serious illness.

A CHUCKLE - I want to end with a chuckle. My granddaughter Rosa loves to have ice cream at Grandma's. She was here with the family on Monday (Memorial Day). She stands in front of my freezer as cute as a button. She wanted ice cream and I said after dinner. Mom is the boss I reminded her when mom is there. She puts her hands on her hips so cute and says in a most convincing innocent voice-

Grandma, have you ever heard of an appetizer (she said it so cute - this big word)
It is what you have while you wait..............

Well Mama convinced her ice cream could not be her appetizer. I just thought it was so cute. She was a good trooper and after eating her dinner she got an ice cream...I wish I had a picture or video of how cute she was in asking.

So kiss those little grandchildren, bless the neighbor kids and friends and relatives and hope for good health and support when life isn't easy.

Writing this blog helps me out so much. Emma helps me out even more than you might imagine. Wordy as I am, you know that, i still can't express clearly how life changing it is for me to have Emma dear.

It is 4 am. I am going to try to sleep again.

Have a good day

Emma and Mary

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