Monday, June 28, 2010

So Many Questions

Hi, This ia a unique entry.

Emma was sleepy today. There was a big commotion at a neighbor's home that included many police, search warrants, keeping people out of the house and so on. That's as little as I know. It is a nice suburban home but perhaps a drug house? or something? We don't know the neighbors there - they keep to themselves. It happens in all neighborhoods so not sure what was going on. I know most the neighbors close to me.

Well the comotion, noise, lights, coming's and goings started around 8:30 till after 2 am. It kept Emma and us awake at first, then died down, then more law enforcement came. So the point of it all was Emma was so sleepy today. So was I and I am sure Greg was also. I don't know if we will know the whole story people are moving out of there today, many people come and go from there normally.

We had book club and I chose to leave Emma home to sleep. She also needs to practice being alone once in awhile. It is so weird for me to leave her at home. She did fine it would seem and I coped too.

When I got home I was welcomed by a happy dog. We played outside, and rested together. She is just such good company as well as good help. I would be just lost without that special helper/companion in my life.

Today she eagerly played with toys. Is waiting patiently for me to take her on a walk with my scooter and happy as a clam. She already ate so that is a happy time for all dogs - especially Emma.

I was thinking of people that do get caught up using/selling drugs. Rumor has it that the man involved suffered a severe stroke and that police responded to that and hence the series of events. I am not sure the facts here. Children lived in that home the past school year and their mother. How did all these individuals lead down the path of what ever it is that caused all this stir?? I pray the kids are safe whatever has happened.

I also think of my neighborhood. This house, well kept up on the outside, in a suburban neighborhood, greeting neighbors when they get mail, trick or treating etc....and we have no clue what really went on. Isn't that weird. I guess they used Canine Dogs last night. The owners have loud pitbulls so they had to be outside so the police dogs could go inside. It is all so baffling.

I am not naive enough to think nothing bad could happen on my block. Another house was busted for drugs years ago, and this house has had other tenants that were questionable. I honestly don't know who owns the house or if it is those who lived there?

I am just glad the night passed. It is quiet there now. Emma should be able to sleep tonight. I think my reaction and questions are upsetting know kids lived there. I hope for the best for them. Life is never dull but this was too much excitement for our neighborhood.

Emma is ready to go for a walk. We are fine.

Mary and Emma

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