Friday, June 4, 2010

Emma's Day

Home till noon. Yipee, some time outside with Mary. It rained so good smells and I got my exercise. (I mean it rained in the night)

Movie - Killers - a romantic comedy. Some people laughed a lot. I sat so still even during shottings. But one was so loud and surprising Mary and I jumped. Mary said I did great overall and her friends thinks so too. Once in awhile she goes without me so I get use to being alone but her friends miss me too ha ha.

Time with Jan - many of you know who she is. Time to share a salad at 3 and chat about her last full week teaching this year. I think the teachers work so hard or that's what Mary says and Jan too.

5:00 Home before 5, a quick rest, time outdoors again (a bit humid for Mary today) and then laundry. I don't mind at all helping with a few loads. Then I mostly rested. Couldn't help Mary sort her medicine (would if I could - I would do anything for Mary I think well most days)

Tonight resting while Mary talks with Greg, watches a bit of tv, and is on the computer a bit. Must be almost time for bed.
This movie I didn't snooze as much. IT was loud and the way the seating is I kind of can watch what is going on and sleep now and then.

I know this is the weekend and hope it is happy for you.


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