Thursday, June 10, 2010


Waiting for Greg to get home to take Emma for a walk. We have been outside and played several times. when I take the scooter Greg l ikes to be home so I can call him if I have any troubles. Stems from falling one time. I wasn't hurt, Emma was fine but it has happened. I have a nice neighborhood to walk her and we both like it though of course I don't walk. I don't see neighbors home or I would go and just tell them and call them if I had problems. Looks like they are gone tonight. Hope Greg isn't too late and that the rain holds off.

Today we went to water exercise, a quick lunch at Wendy's and then home for a rest. She helped me with laundry and picking up a bit. What a helpful girl.

The Twins are playing tonight. Wish I was going. It is tough to get tickets and especially handicap seats right now. In case you are out of town the new Twins outdoor stadium is very popular. Besides the many Twins fans, I think there are many people wanting to see the stadium itself...nice to see it popular.

Emma is so darn cute. School is out so there were more children at the YMCA than during the school year. I had many curious children asking questions. Informally, we educate the people/children or adults that we meet when away from home.

In Metro area there is a one day strike of nurses in many area hospitals. My family and i are in support of the nurses who among other things are upset over how many hospitals now load on more patients per nurse due to economy. I know in intensive care and heart units and neonatal this is a concern. It endangers patients. One time I was in they were understaffed and wow could I tell the difference. I hope both the nurses and the hospitals work out an agreement that helps out patients too.

Hope all is welll with you and your health. Emma and I have had so far a good day. Wishing you happiness.

Emma and Mary

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