Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Dear Emma

Dear Emma,

It is a rainy day and we are home from swimming/water exercise. I am ready to snuggle in with you for a nap. When I say "nap time" you will likely race me to the bed. You are funny.

You are so dear to me Emma. My life is enriched by your presence. You snuggle up with me, you help me with tasks, and you are always always there to notice and care for me. It helps me emotionally and physically.

The reality is you are just fantastic in my life. Do you sometimes show your stubborn side? Okay I won't tell. Most times you are so cooperative. When I am truly in need you never ever cease to amaze me with your skills, your attention, and care. I can't imagine one minute of one day without you at my side.

Most my friends understand and my children, grandchildren and of course Greg. You are part of the family. Where I go you go unless there is a darn good reason for you to stay home. I thank you for the gift of your presence and for your care and help.
Emma where would I be without you?

I think of the time I hoped for a service dog and waited. I questioned if I could ever be a good enough partner for a very special dog. Here we are a pair. A team that works well together.

God bless you Emma with health and long life. God certainly showed me blessings when you came into my life. You make it easier to deal with health issues and enjoy life. You are the best.



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