Thursday, September 30, 2010


I loved the Flintstones and they are 50 today!!

We went to water exercise and then came home to rest the remainder of the day. We did go outside - it was a nice fall day.
The doctors want me to take it easy. The physical therapist even insisted I do much less in water exercise today and gave me some specific more relaxation things to do for my muscles.

Emma had a great day and helped a lot. I am sick of being so weak. Greg did not have to work tonight so also got her outside extra three times today so that was great.

Tomorrow Physical Therapy again - it is pretty gentle at this stage. I wish I had pictures to share but misplaced my camera. I want to get some fall pictures of Emma.

I am sorry I don't feel I am very creative, entertaining, these days at all. Thanks for reading the blog. I will try to get my health better, find the camera and maybe then do something interesting with Emma and Greg too to write about.

Have a great weekend and may Friday be good to you. I think Rosa is staying over night Friday and if that is so I may not get to blog.

Again thanks for reading and for emails I get. Mary and Emma

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