Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wed - What a day

Diabetic Education Class (2 hours)
Time with a friend
Killing time shopping (before PT)
Physical Therapy

Too much. Ended up with a terrible headache and some kind of stomach bug and flat in bed. Headache, gut problems - hope tomorrow is better.

Emma is the best. PT person told me she is the best service dog that ever comes in there. She remembers her from a year ago.
Seems like at least once a year I have PT. Emma was outstanding all day. My husband, my son, and a friend helped get me all the places I needed to be...thanks for that.

Having those icky headaches again...yuk. See the dr on it Tuesday unless I have to call earlier.

Thursday only one thing - water exercise and rest. It is hard to do so much in a day for me. FUN FUN FUN but I end up to weak and sore and with a headache right now. The PT is an expert in MS and reminded me I am doing too much on days like this when you consider I am having a MS relapse.

Yeah will see my grandaughters this weekend.

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