Thursday, September 16, 2010

We had an EARLY MORNING FOR US. The Metro Mobility Bus was here at 6:45 am to get us to our Dr appt. WE GOT THERE AT 7:30 but the appt wasn't till 8:45. It was the only way to get a ride since I called late. They had other riders of course. Then the appt went till about 9:30 as we saw a few different staff including my MS Specialist Dr. Calkwood.

They still consider me in a relapse. i go back in a month and then in two months and then in 4 months. My vision isn't what it should be so will be watching and evaluating both my eyes and my ride side strength among under things. I will have some physical therapy for problems in my neck and back also to see if that helps. The PT person specializes in people with MS and is very nice. She has helped me before. I am very pleased with how thorough the visit seemed to be.

Our van is not working and is our only car. My son played chauffer today and then let us use his car overnight. Hopefully ours will be fixed tomorrow? Greg works every day even the weekend so he needs the car both to get to work and for errands for work. One day at a time i guess.

The Dr. told me to rest even though it seems I need to sleep or rest so much. This fatigue is from the weakness and the ms relapse. I think we will be home all day tomorrow.

Emma is doing just fine. It was cool today and very cloudy. To have transportation work out we got a ride from the Dr. to Greg's work (Metro Mobility could not take me home all rides full) and then a ride home in the afternoon. So she got to be out and about a bit with me.

Hope all is well with you. Have a good friday and a nice weekend... Mary and Emma

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