Friday, September 17, 2010

from Mary

No matter how many words I write
Emma's presence in my life is even better than words can convey.
Undoubtably, most of you have bets and know what they mean to you.
Emma is not a pet but a service animal. We even went to a movie with friends today.
It amazes me how she can go anywhere with me - and behave beautifully.
What would I do without her.

She is so awesome - today she got up with Greg as I slept late.
He feeds her and spends time with her and takes her out on those days.
Honestly I could do it myself but some days what a treat for me and Emma too for him to take her.
Then the "back to bed dog" is right there beside me.

Sometimes once I am up we pick up, maybe go outside, and I find her again back in MY bed
Yep we don't mind sharing out bed with her
Today she was so funny, she gets the covers and "her" pillow just right and sleeps there on the end on the bed
but definitely on the bed.

I am having a bit more trouble walking the past months, weeks and days.
Today after the movie I darn near crawled into my house and had to lay down asap
Then Emma comes in to lay with me and darn close to me
I think when she is worried about me she lays closer to me
I find it comforting

I am so use to having her I almost forget that other dogs couldn't handle a movie, church, laying quietly while I am at the doctor and so on...

Thanks God for Emma and all the people who were part of trainning her (JUDY especially) and HP staff and volunteers...and for my family Greg, my children, their spouses, and grandchildren all for accepting how important Emma is to our family and to me.

Have a good weekend...Mary

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