Sunday, September 12, 2010

Helping Paws Dinner

We had such fun at the Helping Paws Tail Waggin Dinner. It was such fun. Emma enjoyed seeing her foster mom Judy, as soon as she got in the door. Judy was by the registration table and Emma was absolutely delighted. How great that was for her. She will never forget the Michurski family for training her for her first two and half years. We saw Katie too.

Throughout the evening we saw other special staff Sue K, Wendy, Eileen, Brenda and Pam. I feel at a loss to thank Judy and staff and volunteers enough for all they have done for Emma and other dogs. Rosie that means you too. It also was a joy to see some of my former students who are now lovely young ladies. Most of them knew Emma as a puppy though I did not teach them at that time. Judy raised Emma after I left teaching due to MS. The evening was great for my spirits.

I am feeling better but gosh going to the outing yesterday night (though I rested or slept all day) and then going to church this morning just wiped me out for the rest of the day. We went to the church where Greg works and I helped with some computer input so we were there a few hours total. Then I was like a limp rag doll. I could rest and/or sleep the rest of the day so that was good. MS zaps my energy fast.

At the dinner, I just could not stop shedding tears during the program. They had a nice video, and speaker besides their life auction etc. The speaker and the video sure captured how much it means to have a service dog. The speaker was great and her dog so cute. Yet, no matter how much they said or how much I blog and talk to people about having a service dog - it really is even more awesome than words can express.

So while I try to think how to write enough to describe accurately how much Emma means to me, all she does for me and so on...a huge thanks will have to do. Thanks to staff, volunteers, committee members, donors and everyone for their work to help enable us to have service dogs. Emma is my sweet heart.

She did get groomed for the event. Was that time to do it. We take her to PetCo but normally during the week. Greg said when he picked her up it was a bit wild there and noisey with dogs. She looked great but was truly ready to go into the car and come home. She greeted me with enthusiasm. I was so lonesome just the two hours she was gone.

Hope you had a good weekend. I will try to remember to write daily and I am feeling somewhat better - yeah for that.

Mary and Emma wish you a Happy Monday.

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