Thursday, September 2, 2010


Emma is doing fine. We spent a quiet day - the temp is cooling off for a few days and she loved it outside with me.

Yesterday we went to two medical appointments, to Greg's work, and saw my son Mike and Tia and later Dan. A big day so I needed the rest today for sure and also went to bed early!!

Fall is a busy time for teachers. I miss being a teacher and a student. I loved both experiences. I am grateful I had so many opportunities. Now with the health up and downs I am so glad I don't work. when I have to take it easy I can. I almost always can sleep later than those who work outside the home. Teachers have so much work both at the classroom and often things they bring home for correcting or planning and mtgs etc. When i taught I learned it was much harder job than I ever imagined. . . though I enjoyed those years.

My friend Jan, is a teacher and her hard work reminds me of the demands that I could not handle with my health now. It makes me appreciate teachers everywhere. My own granddaughter has started 5th grade!! Boy the years go fast. I wish all who read this a good fall but especially those who do teach or have children/grandchildren starting school. May it go well for all.

Fall comes to MN with a variety of temperatures. It is suppose to be cooler for several days. Not even 70 tomorrow. But varying temps are typical. I remember both as a child and teacher how tough it was (though beautiful) to have warmer fall days but be in a classroom without airconditioning...well let's not worry about that till it happens I suppose. Emma and I have weeks and hopefully months of enjoying outdoors before snow falls. And she loves snow so none of this bothers her.

I have a lot of stress in my personal life about a few things now. I mention only to point out once again how EMMA helps keep me calm. Having her resting with me, helping me, and just by my side helps immensely. More than I can ever explain.

DO YOU REALIZE in OCT i will have had her for 5 years!!!! We truly will celebrate that reality. Everyday she is such a joy to be with. Today was no exception.

I really like on days home that she reminds me to get outside. We enjoy my yard, playing fetch, and my flowers and just nature in general. She is such a gift.

I could sing her praises all the time. She is such a joy. Yesterday, we met so many people who asked us about her and what she does for me. We do educate people almost everywhere we go.

Thanks for reading this. As I get my strength back from the MS Flare U p maybe we will have more interesting tales of what we are doing. But never doubt how much I need and appreciate Emma - she is just super.

Love you Emma - Mary

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