Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Am

I am not as good at posting every day now.
We are okay.

Today our focus is water exercise. I will have to do only what I can with my weakness right now. Emma will watch. Greg is helping make sure Emma gets enough exercise during all this. We do have the fenced yard though and I play with her there. I have not been using my scooter but would do so more for walks with Emma if Greg were not able to help out. I just am kind of worn out.

YEAH I do NOT have a headache. My eyes seem better in being able to tolerate light and in vision clarity too. When i get tired I have to rest them but it is a big improvement from a week or two ago. I am thrilled about that.

I am writing early in case I am too tired to do so later or forget. I can otherwise take it easy today. There are chores of course but none that can't wat. Greg has been super helpful too in keeping things together even with a busy work schedule.

Emma is so enthusiastic today. It rained last night and is a bit cooler this am. She was happy to go outside with me. I think she likes the smells after the rain and she always loves the yard. i will be forever grateful to those who helped put up the fence for us.

I am really glad to be feeling better. We go to the dr who helps with my diabetes tomorrow. She will review some blood work they did.

One day at a time but we are going in the right direction....Mary and Emma

Have a great day.

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