Monday, August 2, 2010

Emma loves the Water at a Lake

Emma likes lake superior. Yikes it is cold so we walked in it some (She and Greg I am not steady enough) and yes she did swim there and other places but we limited how much so she wouldn't get too cold. I only wish we got to the lake with her more often.

We were home all day today. That darn medication extavia has to be gradually increased. I now am up to .5 dosage and the increase in dosage knocked me down today. So we took it easy. Slept, and did quiet things. Very humid here so I could not have done a lot outside anyway...would have been a good day to be way up at Grand Maris. Each dosage gets better and they say just to know when we increase it the first time more symptoms. This is so minor compared to those who face chemo and things. I feel like a wimp that it wipes me out.

Highlight of my day will be getting a Haircut!! Badly needed I am temporarily at least seeing what my natural color is to my hair. Pretty grey for sure. I think while I do that Greg is going to walk Emma in a nearby store so she gets some walking in. She has been super all day.

Humidity is so tough to deal with for many people right now. Even Emma is moving slow when we do go outside. I do have an outdoor pool for her but she is not interested. I bet she would love it if I lived on a lake!!!

Tomorrow is my birthday and a busy day. We will go to water exercise, lunch with friends (nothing fancy) nap, and then Greg is making a special dinner. My kids are all invited but not sure yet if everyone will get here. Probably a good thing we got in a day of rest today!!

Interesting, Greg has had kidney cancer four times (most of you know this) Well our family doctor called him today. He has a very distraught patient with kidney cancer for the first time. He wanted "Greg's advice" to help this person cope. Like we knew of a support group location, he had some questions about if he goes to Mayo like Greg did and the like. Our family doctor is so remarkable. Most of all he wanted feedback from Greg on what advice he might offer for moral support for this patient. Greg had very gentle and kind advice to offer.

People sure learn to cope when you need to. Please send prayers for those with cancer including that patient and my cousin.

Have a good night or day depending when you read this...Mary and Emma

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