Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nature's Wonder

In our trip up north - this was taken over Lake Superior - near Grand Maris. It was a gorgeous night followed by the moon shining over the lake. We loved it. Stopped to take this photo before heading to bed...isn't it neat? The picture doesn't do it justice.

Tuesday was my birthday and we swam (I swam), took a nap (both of us ha ha), and had dinner with my family (those who could make it). Greg was the cook of course. It was relaxing and low key. Enjoyable. Wed in the afternoon we got to hang out with Rosa, Sophia, Mike, Tia, Lily (the dog) and Dilon (the neighbor). It was such fun.

I had a medical appt and Mike picked me up, took me on an errand, and then to there home. Hung out till Greg could pick me up. Played a lot with Rosa in her room. She enjoys that. Read books, played dolls, read books, hugged and so on...

Today is Thursday. We went to water exercise and napped. So far that is all. Might do an errand tonight but not sure. Trying to be rested. Friday night the granddaughters sleep over. We hope to take them swimming. Saturday they get to stay with us all day!! So I need the rest though it will be fun. Rosa promised to nap with me Sat...

Emma is enjoying that it is nicer weather today and less humid. We could open up the windows, be more active outside...
should be a good night.

All is well here...hope you have a good Friday and Fun weekend. We will for sure!!

Mary and Emma

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