Friday, August 27, 2010

Emma got out of the house a lot today. A trip to the doctor office, errands with Greg, outdoors in the yard with me. Then walking around the grocery store. I used a scooter and then we of course took our nap.

It is windy today and Emma seems to like helps with the temps in the high 80's but more than that she likes the smells. Really had fun playing in the yard with us, and then just exploring in the yard and sniffing around. I am so grateful for a fenced yard.

Home for a quiet weekend. We have an invitation to see friends Sunday for a bit if I feel good enough. We will make it a quiet night also. I sure love her company. She wants to go outside again and we will do that.

I have been watching the news on the MN state Fari or should I say at the FAIR. We will not be going this year but had fun with her there last year. I don't think I can handle it so am enjoying hearing about it via television and others who will go. It is a great state fair. I remember fondly the years my children participated in 4H and took exhibits to the Fair.

When I started this blog I wanted to be a source of info on what it is really like to have a service dog. It is really terrific. The lab person I had at the dr office today I think thought it was due to vision as her behavior and comments seemed so. There wasn't time in her busy schedule for me to explain a lot about what/how Emma helps me. I think she is so much a part of my life she helps me in almost every way possible.

It is just terrific to have a dog that can go anywhere with her. She is at my side 24 hours a day. She only rarely even wants to be in a different room than me. Most times she is where she can see me. She sleeps a bit more now that she is older. She is just fantastic to be with. In Oct I willl have had her five years - can you believe that?

Off we go to the yard before the misquitos get too bad for me...excuse spelling errors please. Best wishes to my teacher friends who start back to work on Monday (some for workshop week and some school starts that day).

Thanks so much for the support.

Mary and Emma wish you a good weekend.

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