Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At Home Today

Read a book called The Heart Speaks - A Cardiologist......
It talks of heart disease and of the many facets of dealing with it especially the need for supportive friends, caring doctors, family and so much more. The interesting thing is it included one woman's story about how a dog helped her deal with cardiac disease = getting her out of the house, meeting other dog walkers, stroking the dog, companionship etc etc.

Boy that could be my story in daily life. Emma's presence brightens every day. It appears I am having a MS exacerbation - I am battling weakness, well you don't need all the details. I feel like I complain too much.

To say simply we needed to be home today. Emma helped me through it all. She is so patient, loving, kind and so on. She knows when I need reassurance I think. She gets so close to me on the bed as we nap...if I am more calm or feeling physically better she will just lay on the bed. It is kind of like getting a reassuring hug by her physical proximity on a hard day.

They say research shows it can lower blood pressure to pet adog. I think Emma helps me in so many ways.

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