Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nurse Emma

Mary went to the MS Neurologist

She is having a MS flare up with right side weakness.
She has a bad eye infection in both eyes that might be the cause of the headache or contributing to it.
She has a pinched nerve in her neck that might be adding to the head pain (refered)
She feels crummy.
they think the headache might be a type of migrane though not like themigranes she has had in the past. The meds from the past didn't help.

They tried a different very strong med for just two days. So far no help

We are staying home obviously the rest of the day and tomorrow for sure.
They want her out of the heat, wearing dark glasses, and resting to see what helps.

Don't worry I will take good care of her.
She is still able to get me outside and Greg was home a bit early to help.

There is a bed on the lower, cooler level
We may park down there tomorrow if needed though they expect better weather
but storms tonight.

Greg is spoiling Mary.

The nurse pratictioner with extra MS trainning, and Dr Calkwood will be on call and available if needed. We live near a hospital now too in case it worsens or new symptoms present themself. They are optimistic overall.

Mary says i help her when i cuddle with her.


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