Sunday, August 29, 2010


Overall the weekend was good. We were at home all day Sat but a friend came over for awhile which was nice. Today we did venture out for a quick lunch with friends. So good to get out of the house.

Emma missed Greg too. He worked Fri - Sun just got home. He did a retreat. I said last night to her "I bet you miss Greg too". Well she promptly went around the house looking for him. She kept going to the front door if she heard a car. She was good company for me as I don't like being alone but we did just fine.

Emma and I even mustered up enough to pick up just a little today. We met some Helping Paws supporters at the place we ate lunch. They had lots of questions and know one of the trainers. She goes to their church and is a foster family. My friends say everywhere we go we meet people who want to know more about a service dog. We educate one person at a time I guess.

Money is really tight but we hope to go to the Tail Waggin' Dinner 2010 in Sept. Once we get paid I need to call to make reservations. I think my daughter and her husband want to buy tickets to go also. It is a fundraiser and they like having graduate dogs there. It is really a fun night and surprising that all these dogs are there (service dogs only) and do so well. Hope I see some of you there.

I am sick of medical problems and medical bills....but the one bright spot is of course Emma in it all. If I hadn't faced this challenge in life I would not have Emma in my life. She is a keeper and a huge help.

I felt a bit better today. I have a dr appt on Wed so will see how blood tests look etc. We hope to have the energy to go to water exercise too. Oh yeah and a trip to the dentist this week also - how fun is that? Honest we will treasure getting out of the house and seeing others when I can. When I can't I have Emma and that helps so much. I love caring for her and the care she gives me.

Wishing you a good day. hope your weekend went well...Mary and Emma

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