Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Weekend

Hi to All,

Still having problems with my eyes but the headache is better...sometimes it is almost gone...progress. Saturday and Friday we were home. Emma gives me a good reason to be outside so that is super nice - even on hot and humid days. Today, Sunday, we overslept for church after a night where I got little sleep. My eye hurt so much it kept waking me up. Another week of medication/drops and then we will see how it goes.

We did get outside to water, play a bit, and did some errands. Emma got some walking in at Sam's Club, Border's, PetCo, and Cub. It was good for her. Since I am on the scooter I of course do some extra laps so she gets exercise. She got her nails clipped again which she by the way, hates. That has been true since we got her but she does better with my husband holding her. She did okay and we had a very patient person cutting them at Pet Co.

I even worked on a mailing for Greg's church/work after a big nap with Emma. So I guess all in all today was more productive than past days.

Emma means so much to me. At night or nap time I sleep better when she cuddles up next to me. Unless she gets too hot it is almost always that she is at my side or my feet. Being with her outside is nice. I appreciate nature, watched a cardinal today while outside with Emma. It was hot and humid but i stayed in the shade, had ice water, and managed time outside with her.
I can't imagine how dull life would seem without her.

Greg worked a bunch yesterday so today he is at home where we worked on a mailing and some computer work. His schedule for fall will be really busy from now on...Emma will be good company for me.

Wishing you all a good week. Hope the weekend was happy....Mary

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