Sunday, August 1, 2010

dogs on vacation

From Emma,

This was a vacation week and fun.
i got to swim
I got to be outdoors
I got to wade in Lake superior
I got to be outdoors in Grand Marais by the lake a lot.

I had super fun with Mary and Greg.

But gosh were there a LOT of dogs to observe.
Mary said "did everyone bring a dog with them to Duluth or Grand Marais (we were both places?)
So many dogs

Mary said it was trainning review for me.
I don't always get much "distractor dog training".
This was like boot camp or something.

Big dogs, little dogs
Barking dogs, quiet dogs
fat dogs, thin dogs
all types of dogs.

Owners too - some watched their dogs and had good control
others were not very attentive

I like it better when dogs are minding there mastor

I met one new friend
His name was Buddy i think
He liked me
I liked him
He didn't bark at all

We were with our owners outside for hours watching the tall ships.
We just glanced but were next too each other's spots in a park on the lake.
There were some other yippy little dogs
We ignored them.

Also lots of people walking dogs around there too - we didn't mind.

Buddy was a year older than I.
His owners were nice to visit with according to Mary and Greg.

We smelled each other,
shared some water
and just were so comfortable together.

Wished he lived by us - such a mellow we would have fun in my backyard area where we could run.

But gosh we saw so many dogs everywhere on vacation....I am not use to that many.


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