Saturday, August 14, 2010

Have a Good Weekend

The headache seems more manageable today. Yeah for that. My eyes so so sensitive to light that I am wearing dark glasses 24/7. Hoping all is getting better. I just need patience.

We went out with Greg on an errand to Target to walk Emma and see how I handled getting out. I hadn't realized how poor my vision was till out and about. Greg will go to his relative's Birthday with his brothers for sure tomorrow. I will need more time at home to rest my eyes and body. Plenty to do around here if I feel like it. Can't read much though so excuse typing errors.

Emma is being just great. She knows when I need her even more than normal and rises to the occasion. She was perfect on our errand and got some walking in. I was trying to purchase a greeting card but ha ha forgot when your vision is all mixed up you need help with that too. Greg to the rescue.

I think we will listen to the ballgame tonight. I am going to keep my eyes shut and listen much of the time to see if that helps. I did sleep better and napped so that is a good sign.

Emma is just the most wonderful dog. She makes it easier. Greg is super supportive and helpful...he wonders how I cope with MS and health things. With support from HIM, Emma, my kids, and my friends...

Have a good weekend from Emma and Mary

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