Monday, August 9, 2010


Hi Gang,
It is so hot here. I don't want to go outside more than a few minutes. I like outdoors but this is tooo hot for me and for Mary.
We stayed home today. I helped pick up, help do some laundry and was a companion during a nap. The day just flew by for us. Nothing exciting but it flew by. i rested much of the time...that is not a bad thing in my eyes.

It is so hot Mary hopes we go outside to water flowers despite some rain yesterday. Very hot and very humid.

We are thinking about our blessings today - especially the people of Helping Paws who trained me, and took good care of me till I met Mary. We are a good team. Mary is very glad we were matched together. Judy M will always be my special foster mom but I sure like mary and her family.

Mary is having trouble with bad headaches. Trying to keep notes on what makes the pain better or worse. Otherwise she promised Greg and I she would go to the doctor. She sees the MS specialist in a few weeks. She doesn't like to complain but it is enough that GReg and I notice it bothers her.

All is going pretty well here. We have water exercise tomorrow and that will feel good to Mary especially. It is also primary day so we will go vote. i think Dan might stop by too. We will see how things work out for the day.

I like when the girls come over except I really like sleeping so close to Mary. She sleeps on the couch so I curled up at her feet. She made room for me. but it was nice to be back in our bigger bed huddled up with her. i guess i get a little jealous for her attention.

Well tonight Anna might stop bye. i hope so as Mary has looked forward to it all day. It is not for sure though, they are coming from a cabin up north. Might be there are having such fun they stayed most the day...


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